Working Globally from San Francisco


The Psychological Dynamic
Behind Your Money Problems

I offer a long-term solution to your money problems. My holistic process addresses the psychological dynamic behind how you’ve earned, spent and saved money. This helps you see clearly the effects of your spending, debt and lifestyle choices.

I will guide you in understanding how your beliefs about money and self-worth have fuelled your problems. You will be able to look squarely at your money fears, your sense of shame, powerlessness and entitlement. The work puts you in the drivers seat for making changes to improve your finances. The results are far reaching into all dimensions of your life.

You will learn how to replace self-eroding behaviors with practical money management. This will help you make better spending and saving choices aligned with your actual money and true values. You will learn coping skills when old habits surface. The outcome is living well, within your means, even in an uncertain economy.

How I am different from other financial advisors:

  • I am a money coach, trained and experienced in uncovering the psychological dynamics of money behaviors.
  • I am not a financial planner or investment advisor—they work solely on the level of the money or investment.
  • I am not a debt counselor—they give short-term assistance for working with creditors.

Working Globally from
San Francisco

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