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Take control of your finances and grow business aligned with your vision and goals. Create a business cash flow plan for operating more profitably. It starts with analyzing the psychological dynamics that may be limiting your profitability and growth, and how your need for money influences decision-making.

Solid financial management is a key to success. Learn to operate within your means and make sound decisions. Save for capital purchases, unexpected expenses, taxes, casualties and low-income periods. Pursue business and relationships aligned with your values. Effectively manage time and energy.

Become less reactive to changes in the economy. Find the opportunities now.
Don’t let personal money problems sabotage your business. Get Kathryn’s objective insights and keep business on track.

Balance work with your life outside work. Keep your need for profit aligned with your values. Overcome stress about money and payroll. Balance business goals with personal and family commitments.

Working Globally from
San Francisco

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