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Money & Your Life

Make Money Work in Your Life

Overcome Money Habits:

  • Understand how money habits, debt, tax issues, hording, under-earning, fear of financial failure have narrowed the quality of your life.
  • Unbundle self-worth from your money.
  • Move beyond the paralysis of money shame—that debilitating feeling others will find you worthless if they knew your secret.
  • Overcome the need to shop to feel good. Cultivate connections that bring real satisfaction and meaning.

Align your spending and saving with your true values and dreams:

  • Get in touch with what you truly value.
  • Pay for regular living expenses, periodic expenses and the occasional treat—without incurring debt.
  • Create savings plans for big events—bar mitzvahs, weddings, milestone birthdays, graduation, dream vacations.
You deserve a life full of meaning and connection. Don’t let your money habits keep you small.
  • Make your children financially independent. Foster connection through love—not money.
  • Save for your home.
  • Create a college savings plan that teaches children and grandchildren practical money skills.

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